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Still the best

Posted by bloke_of_stoke on 2005.10.31 at 11:31
Current Mood: creative
Bloody fantastic. You show your dick and the money rolls in. I must use that for a song.

I'll show you
My precious knob
And you'll see
I *am* that hot
You want to suck
You want to lick
I want to die, but before I do
I'll let you have my dick

Praise it, hate it, love it, leave it
Touch it, eat it, suck it, tease it
Whatever you do, you know it's true
My dick's a bitch and so are you

Stephen's going to love it. Can I kick it? Yes, I can.

I promise I'll be gentle

Okay then

Posted by scottish_slut on 2005.10.30 at 23:48
Current Mood: confusedconfused
The internet is a strange place. You neglect it for a few weeks, because you're a very busy man who has several jobs at once, a family to feed, awards to accept, friends to dine with take care of and lovers to teach. Then you come back to your so-called online diary and notice that all your little pics (icons, avatars, whatever you call them), well, all those pics that you scanned and resized and brightened in all those many long hours when you told your wife you were working are gone. Who wasn't asked? Me. As usual. The story of my life.

This is to tell you that I am doing okay. Thanks to all people out there who worried and sent me lovely fanmail (and asked me to join other online places, I feel very honoured, but as you can see, I can barely keep up with this one thing here). I tried to answer you all, but I had some trouble accessing my computer Eve locked it down, I think it was a virus or something. But it seems to be fixed so I'll try to be around whenever I get the chance.

What else happened? The usual. As you might've noticed, the Bond debate has come to an end. I don't really want to comment on this subject, since everybody knows I never cared about it, aye? But still, this is the most hilarious piece of shite I've read in a long time:

'James Bond' bosses reportedly rejected 007 contender Ewan McGregor because he's "too short" to play the dashing spy. A leaked email allegedly says the 5ft 10 hunk was thought to be too little to play Bond, according to reports. The memo from Barbara Broccoli's Eon Productions also detailed why other stars in the running to play Bond were ruled out. It said 'X-Men' hunk Hugh Jackman was "too fey", while Irish hellraiser Colin Farrell was deemed to be "too sleazy". Eric Bana was written off as "not handsome enough".

One Two Three tiny comments from me.
1. Craig is 5'11''. That is 1 inch. In words: ONE.
2. Poor bana_bananaEric. That's a fucked up thing to say.
3. No more Broccoli is going to be served in the McGregor mansion, ever. Clara will be happy.

But it really doesn't bother me at all. I'm fine, cheers. Apart from the two weeks post-Bond-depression that, I spent three or four days laughing about the rumour of lewd_judeJude going on a biketrip with Charley and I. Jude. In the wild. On a bike. For weeks without women, conditioner and the latest edition of GQ. As if.

Now you know I'm still doing fine, no need to worry, aye? And if you'd excuse me, this bloody rabbit I gave Esther in a fit of fatherly love escaped yet again. Guess who's going to catch it. "C'était your idea, Ewan, non?" Christ.

distracted spice

so, darlings

Posted by miller__lite on 2005.10.30 at 16:53
I'm on a healing hol. Lovely island - lots of fucking pretty colours. I'm staying in one of those hut thingies. It's got stilts and everything. So fucking exotic.

Hey, here's a good tip for when you go to the beach: A sand dollar may look like a nice low-fat cracker that someone left, but trust me, it doesn't taste like it.

Posted by harrisonhates on 2005.09.23 at 00:30

I ... miss complaining about life.


Posted by jsimpleton on 2005.09.13 at 12:28
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
You know, if people are going to be focused on me then they should focus on the stuff that makes them feel sorry for me. I am a Hollywood starlet now! Not only do I have to worry about my wretched wonderful singing voice, but now I have to worry about being sexy ALL THE TIME, which is why I am now on a Hollywood blowfest healthy diet. I don't think anyone realizes what it's like to be a star! I can't go out without makeup, I have to keep my cocaine habit attitude under control; there's just so much pressure!

Not to mention, the evil paparrazi can be really mean. They tend to over exaggerate things! I had one drink that night, the guy I'm with is totally not hot, but awesome in bed like a brother to me, and my wedding ring is off because it got in the way when I snort my coke my finger is swollen.

People just don't understand.

Brothers Grimm

Posted by matt_identity on 2005.09.11 at 18:51
Who would have thought that with Terry Gilliam directing, the movie would have been such a flop, you know?

It was fun to make, at least. I think I'll go polish my oscar.

Posted by sir_braff_alot on 2005.09.11 at 19:55
Mango and I took a small vacation. That's why the movie was post-poned. Though I'm glad some of you could do the green screen sessions. I know the movie will do really good. (For my career.)

Also, I would just like to say. Hurricane Katrina is the most devastating Natrual Disaster to ever happen in the United States.

So what's the 411? What are all the cool kids talking about?

sunday morning

Posted by jack_effing_o on 2005.09.11 at 13:36
i've been listening to county music lately. very odd for me yes i know. they speak very improper and i've decided.. i'm going to pretend i'm a hick. the whole white thing isn't really working out. soo i think i'll just be country or something. ahll stahrt typin like this so yah cant rully undahstand meh but i pursonully thank that i wus southun in a past life. let me know what you think

toothy and dimples
Posted by jill_in_hall on 2005.09.11 at 12:32
Kirsten, your hair looks great!

Looks like those prenatal vitamins worked.

Stupid Daniel....

Posted by felt_on_up on 2005.09.05 at 14:43
Daniel rang me today, from his current movie set in Australia, to BRAG. Honestly. I hope his mum gives him hell for calling me just to brag that he's being considered for a teenage James Bond. He doesn't even look the part!

Dispite my inclination to avoid acting as a career, I can't help but feel like I'm being overlooked. I've far more acting experience than that twerp, and I'm better at it. You've all see my sexy sneer, you know I'm right. Bond. Really now.

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