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We are famous. Who are you?

You think you know us - but you have no idea at all.

Celebs do it better.
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We are the cool, beautiful and talented people. You can't escape us, our faces are everywhere - in magazines, on screen, on television. You hear our voice on the radio, you dance to our music in your club of choice, you copy our hairstyles, you fangirl us and the characters we play. We rock.

But being bold and beautiful isn't always easy. Drugs, lovers, jealousy, money, sex - the temptation is everywhere. Gossip and paparazzi don't help. This is where we relax. This is Celebreties Totally Uncensored.


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Famous and cool and want to play? Welcome then. PLEASE READ: Find out more right here, including info on how to sign up and some sort of rules.

Remember it's CRACK. MADNESS. The Crazy. No serious RPG, but stereotypes and bad cliches only. Don't you dare being serious about yout char:P Pretty much anything goes. Smoke the strongest stuff, let's have the best fun.

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We're all friendly and easy and would love to have you and your cracked up celeb(s) of choice.

If you just want to look, not play, friend/watch (don't join) this community, bring your pals and let us entertain you!

Again: please DO NOT try to join celebs_on_crack with your personal journal, it's for celebs only. Celebs, if you apply, please ALSO APPLY for c_o_c_ooc. Fans and friends, you can have your fun over at c_o_c_fans. Thank you!

Warning: some of the posts inside of this community may not be suited for people under 18 years of age due to language, sexual content and/or mentions of drug abuse

Yeah, and if you think this is a community with real celebrities, you're smoking even stronger crack than we do. It's fun, man. All members here are as fake as every second pair of Hollywood!boobs. Plus, it's all a PARODY. But don't let that stop you.

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